Zoom Luxurious Room Fragrance Set: RESTORE  Self Care Set
Zoom Luxurious Room Fragrance Set: RESTORE  Self Care Set

Luxurious Room Fragrance Set: RESTORE Self Care Set



Sanctuary in scent…

A beautiful way to fill your home with health-promoting fragrance.

All-over wellbeing is amplified through the synergy of the energetic properties of ethically sourced crystals with the healing aromatic botanicals in essential oils.

Simply drop RESTORE Essential Oil Blend on the raw Rose Quartz crystals and reap the benefits as they work together to diffuse sumptuous, long-lasting and health-giving scent.

There is no need for heat, water or electricity, and no liquid is involved, making these elegant diffusers highly adaptable, portable and able to be used just about anywhere.

Rose Quartz

Gentle Rose Quartz has been an ally to AMLY from the beginning: a large piece sits at the source of our water where it imparts a cleansing energy, and in powder form it comforts in Beauty Sleep Face Mist. Opening the heart, de-stressing and reassuring, this harmonious pink-hued stone radiates restorative powers and encourages self-acceptance and compassion. It is the perfect partner with the warming and peaceful properties of RESTORE Essential Oil Blend.

Positive Energy

Everything in the universe is made up of electromagnetic vibrational frequencies. Our frequency changes all the time and is influenced by many factors around us, and is thus liable to fall out of balance. The presence of crystals and essential oils can shift the energy and vibration in a space in subtle ways, both visually and aromatically, and help to align our energies in a positive and beneficial manner. Because crystals emit a constant energy, they can help us to rebalance our own fluctuating energies.

Violet Glass

These olfactory and visual delights are encased in a violet-glass bowl. It is thought that the alchemists of the Middle Ages understood that an absence of light helped to preserve the life force of certain substances, a protective quality that violet glass provides. Today, the finest craftsmanship has provided AMLY with the unique glass that we use for all products. Here, the elegant glass vessel houses precious crystals steeped in essential oils, enhancing and preserving their vital essence and quality. The perfect symbol of unity, the circular lid becomes a separate bowl for a second room or a second oil and crystal combination (we gently advise not mixing oils on the crystals, but rather allocating specific crystals to specific oils).

10ml RESTORE Pure Essential Oil
180g Rose Quartz Crystals
Organic cotton drawstring bag
Violet-glass bowl: Dimensions: 122mm; Weight: 330g

Luxurious Room Fragrance Set: RESTORE Self Care Set



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